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The Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre has a structured program for healthcare clinicians interested in the development of skills in simulation based education.  The program, generally of 6 - 12 months duration, focuses on the skills required to develop, implement, maintain and review a healthcare simulation program. It is an experiential learning program, with fellows participating in all aspects of the SCSSC simulation program.

Self- funded fellowships

Opportunities also exist for senior clinical and academic personnel to complete a self funded fellowship or sabbatical. We can support skills development, research and other scholarly activities. These fellowships are limited and overseas candidates will require temporary working visas and other authorities. This can be a time-consuming process so we advise a lead in time of 6-12 months. Please contact us early if you wish to enquire about completing a self funded fellowship or sabbatical with us. For more information on medical fellowships please follow the link below

Previous Simulation Fellows

Listen to Anna Todd speak about her time at the Simulation Centre

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