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Medical fellowships

International Medical Graduates

Like most countries, Australia has a very strict admission process for international medical graduates, that is graduates from anywhere other than Australia or New Zealand.  This includes:

This process is time consuming and at times challenging.  Please take time to read through the following information to see if you are likely to be eligible.

  1. Check with the Medical Board of Australia to review the eligibility criteria and determine the most appropriate pathway.

  2. Decide whether you are seeking a supervised clinical placement in addition to a simulation fellowship.  Please be aware that this may not always be possible. 

  3. Establish that you have sufficient funding for the placement.  The Australian Government provides guidance regarding this.  Currently the amount is $53,900 per annum in either sponsorship funds or savings.  This is the amount regarded by the government as minimal for one year's living expenses in Australia.

Should you meet the criteria and are still interested in applying for a self-funded fellowship please contact us.

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