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The Simulation Centre is a modern, multi-functional training facility.  With state of the art technologies, simulators and audiovisual capabilities, the centre is equipped to host a range of events including educational meetings, conference workshops and external training events.

Co-located with the education centre, we have access to a large auditorium and meeting rooms for larger educational events

The simulation centre has the look and feel of a hospital clinical environment and makes a great setting for film and multimedia productions.

If you are interested in hosting a course here or using the facility for filming or other events please contact us.

View our course calendar for potential vacancies.

Simulation Labs

Our simulation labs reflect real clinical workplaces and include:

  • a realistic operating theatre outfitted with operating table, light, trolleys, IV stands, anaesthesia machine and instruments, suitable for single discipline and multiprofessional training.

  • a separate large laboratory which accommodates two resuscitation bays and is configured for training set in emergency departments, intensive care units, recovery rooms and general wards

  • two seminar rooms suitable for seminars, debriefing and breakout sessions, accommodating 25 and 15 people respectively. All rooms have touch-screen operated audiovisual facilities with real-time link to the simulation suites.

The SCSSC also has a full lifespan range of high and low fidelity simulators, advanced anaesthetic simulator, part task trainers and technical and educational support from our team of in-house experts.

Conference and Reception Facilities

One level below the Simulation Centre is a fully equipped education centre suitable for courses, conferences and training events.  The facilities include:

  • a 200-seat auditorium, with double-screen projection and videoconferencing facilities,

  • two connected 50-seat lecture rooms which can be used separately or together,

  • a 68-seat interactive lecture theatre in horseshoe configuration

  • various other smaller breakout rooms

  • a mezzanine reception area for sponsor displays and kitchen servery suitable for catered functions for up to 200 people.

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