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Important information about COVID-19

We are following NSW Health social distancing requirements in all our courses. For some programs this means reduced numbers of participants, or changes to timetables.  

Paediatric Emergency Medicine Crisis Management

Clinical Training


Target Audience

Emergency Trainees

Career Medical Officers

Rural GPs

Locums in ED



Course Coordinator

A/Prof Fenton O'Leary


2 days


$1980 per person

Maximum Participants
CPD allowances


14 hours CPD

Course Description


This course aims to prepare doctors working in emergency departments to manage serious acute paediatric problems and to develop skills in crisis management, team leadership, communication and error prevention.


Topics include:

  • A systematic approach to the sick paediatric patient in the Emergency Department (ED).

  • Management of common emergencies encountered in the ED: airway obstruction, acute respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, shock, arrhythmias, comas, seizures, electrolyte and environmentally acquired disorders

  • Team-leadership, teamwork and communication, crisis management, human error


Skills include:

  • Airway: Intubation in suspected C-spine injury; difficult intubation strategies; surgical airway; Laryngeal Mask Airway

  • Breathing: 02 therapy; positive pressure ventilation via endotracheal tube; BiPhasic Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) ventilation.

  • Cardiovascular: Advanced Cardiac Life Support; Defibrillation; Synchronised DC Cardioversion; Transcutaneous Cardiac Pacing; Venous Access

  • Paediatric BLS and ALS


Training Technologies

  • Part-task trainers

  • Medium & high fidelity manikin simulators

  • Actors


Training Methods

  • Pause & discuss scenarios

  • Problem based learning case simulations

  • Immersive simulations

  • Emergency Team Training

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