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Important information about COVID-19

We are following NSW Health social distancing requirements in all our courses. For some programs this means reduced numbers of participants, or changes to timetables.  

Epidural Analgesia for Labour

Clinical Training


Target Audience

Anaesthetic registrars with little prior experience of epidurals and anaesthetists (consultant and GP) seeking refresher training.



Course Coordinator

A/Prof Leonie Watterson

1 day



By request

Maximum Participants
CPD allowances


ANZCA CPD Level 2 - 7 hours

Category Knowledge and Skills: 2 points per hour

Course Description


To provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to epidural analgesia for labour that integrates non-technical and technical components of the procedures.

Specific Objectives       

  1. Interact and communicate with the labouring mother.

  2. Explain risks and obtain consent

  3. Prepare and position the mother effectively

  4. Demonstrate competency in procedures such as:

    • Identification of landmarks

    • Ultrasound scanning of anatomy

    • Needle and catheter techniques

    • Loss of resistance

  5. Establish and trouble shoot analgesia

  6. Manage common complications

  7. Monitor their progress in the workplace and employ reflective learning to encourage ongoing improvement



Blended learning using eLearning & small group practical training. The curriculum is based on a patient centred whole of task approach to procedures developed by the centre that addresses technical and non-technical tasks relevant to epidural. The latter includes a communications module that addresses consent and communication with patients during painful procedures. The course also develops methods of self-assessment and reflective practice to enable continuing improvement beyond the course. Includes web based open access audit and reflection tools. 


Training Methods

  • Hands-on Skills Workshops

  • Simulated problem based learning case simulations

  • Communication role play

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